Financing Mobile Learning

Bring mobile devices to every student and teacher in your school.

Using tools that empower learning, students can create amazing projects and push their creativity to the limit with a huge range of resources available on iPad, Mac and Chromebook.

Flexible Leasing for Mobile Learning

Our bespoke leasing and parental contribution schemes can give students the opportunity to subscribe to an iPad, Mac or Chromebook over the course of their studies, and own the device at the end of it. This allows schools to focus their efforts into providing robust infrastructure and support for mobile learning. With insurance plans a key component of the programme, it also provides schools with the peace of mind that students’ devices are covered in the event of damage, theft or loss, whether on or off campus.

Flexible leasing for Mobile Learning is a bundle of services made for schools that want to create a 21st century learning environment, while managing IT budgets by sharing costs. The programme allows schools to avoid the upfront costs associated with financing technology, and stay up to date with the latest mobile devices.

The leasing programme is all about flexibility. Albion will help design the right solution for your school, including hardware, software, networking, technical support and even training. The components are then all included in one operating lease, which is provided at 0% finance.

Customise your plan

Every school has its own technology requirements. Flexible leasing for Mobile Learning works with you to provide the specific technology your students and teachers need. Albion will help you meet your technical needs, configuration requirements, and software installation with a customised implementation plan.

Customise your Mobile Learning package with the service and support options that work best for your educational institution.
Options include:

• Warranty – To protect against any mechanical breakdown or fault of the equipment.

• School financing – Our financial services offers lease financing to schools for terms ranging from two to three years. Flexible end-of-terms options allow purchase at fair market value, return of the equipment or technology refresh

• Insurance & claims administration – Accidental Damage, Theft, GAP and Misappropriation coverage policies for the duration of the lease period are provided within this scheme.

• Mobile Device Management Portal – Secure, monitor, manage and support your mobile devices.

• Billing & collections – You decide the level of contribution to request from parents.

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The New Wave Federation provides outstanding education in stimulating and creative environments.


Every day over two thousand students and teachers use iPad to enhance teaching and learning.


See how iPad is enhancing a school with a long history of academic and sporting excellence.

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