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Cloud apps for business

The cloud enables businesses like yours to streamline. It enables you to store data and run applications faster and more easily, securely and flexibly with less maintenance and dependence on IT support, allowing IT to focus on more complex issues.

Albion is the only premium accredited Apple reseller to develop its own cloud services specifically for UK organisations. With full integration with Google Apps and Exchange and with added cloud care, you get even greater peace of mind, control, back-up, storage and protection with our military-grade security.

Get in touch to find out more about how to free up your servers, your IT infrastructure, and above all, free up your users, with Albion’s range of Cloud Apps.

Albion Email offering provides an outstanding feature set from just £4*

Albion Mail works on all desktop & mobile devices.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

• Exchange Server – 10GB or 25GB Mailbox
• Up to 50MB max attachment size
• Web Apps suite for Email, Calendar & Contacts
• Increased Security with SSL encryption
• AntiVirus & AntiSpam

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

• iPhone, iPad, Windows & Android
• Calendar, Tasks & Contacts Everywhere you go
• Full Mobile Sync Available


• Manage & Share Documents
• Collaborate & Manage Tasks
• All Synced with your Email & Calendar

Service & Support

• Fast UK Telephone support and Help desk
• Increased reliability – with 100% uptime SLA
• Simple migration process for your users

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a cost-effective way for you to use any of the Creative Suite® 6 desktop, Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom® 4 applications, without having to invest in the software outright.
20+ apps

Explore your creativity with desktop and mobile apps including Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere Rush

Creative Cloud Libraries
Save, browse, and share assets from Libraries right inside your Creative Cloud apps
Adobe Fonts

Access thousands of fonts for your projects right within your Creative Cloud apps.

Adobe Portfolio

Create and customize your own portfolio website.


Showcase and discover great creative work.

Cloud Backup

Online backup for notebooks, desktops and servers.
Simple to use, automated software, means no more worrying about missing a backup.
Backing up over the Internet with Cloud Backup is the alternative to unreliable, expensive and time consuming tape backup solutions.

Why Cloud Backup?

• Easy to use, automated software
• Detailed reports automatically sent via email
• Powerful encryption and SSL secures your data
• Support for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle
• Web-based access to your files 24/7/365
• Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux

Peace of Mind in 5 Easy Steps.
Step 1: Download and install our software.

Our software can be installed on notebooks, desktops and servers.

Step 2: Create a ‘Backup Set’

Select the files or servers to backup and create a backup schedule to suit your needs.

Step 3: Your data is secured and compressed

Strong encryption secures your data and compression reduces file sizes before transfer to our servers.

Step 4:Data is sent to our servers

Using SSL your data is securely transferred over the Internet and stored within our secure network.

Step 5: Easy access to your backed up data
Restore through the Online Backup Manager software or access files through the web based control panel.
FilePort Transfer
What is FilePort? • Makes sending large files made simple. • An ideal internet file transfer solution for Creatives, Corporates & Education. • Use your Web browser to Transfer Files to and from Fileport hosted FTP servers. • Easy to use dedicated FTP Hosting with added Web browser access.
Why is FilePort Great?

The Complete Internet File Transfer Solution for Mac and Windows
If you need to allow people from within your office or across the Internet to send, receive, and manage files , Fileport is what you are looking for. Fileport is perfect for print, media or design shops, and is the answer to education and corporate file sharing needs. Fileport can handle virtually any Internet file transfer task by working with standard FTP and Web clients on any platform, and do it with remarkable ease.

Improve Your Customer Service
When people need to send you a big file, or you need to share one with a client, it should be fast, professional and easy. FilePort does away with the hassles of e-mail attachments and snail-mailing CDs, making it easier for your customers to do business with you.

Streamline your workflow
When a file comes in, FilePort can notify the right people in your company, depending on who sent it. Notification is instantaneous, and the file is right there, ready for you to work with.

Saves you money

ISDN Costs:
A BT ISDN2 Line Rental £93 per quarter – annual cost £372

With Fileport hosted space of your own you would eliminate the above costs using an Albion internet connection to transfer data and would have the added benefit of being able to download / upload from any workstation anywhere with an Internet connection thus enabling a more efficient and flexible workflow.

It is recommended that Fileport is used in conjunction with An Albion Unrestricted Internet connection if optimal speeds and unlimited uploads and downloads are required. The speed of transfer is determined by the type of Internet connection with the Albion ADSL, SDSL and ethernet Leased Lines providing a range of bandwidths from 256kbps up to 1Gbps.

Look Like A Pro:
Ever been asked for your FTP address? People that deal with large file transfers on a regular basis are used to dealing with FTP. Fileport is a standards-compliant, full-featured FTP hosted service, so when someone asks if they can “FTP you a file”, just give them the web address.

Professional Technical Support
Albion has been providing Internet services for over 10 years. When you have a question, we’re here to help. We believe that you have a right to get the most out of the Fileport service, always. So, we offer all included unlimited technical support.

Integrated Support For Secure Transfers Via SSL
Fileport now supports both HTTPS and FTPS for secure data transfers via SSL. Secure connections are handled by the popular Stunnel utility, which can be automatically configured upon request.

Solving the Email Problem
One of the most important aspects of the Internet is the ability to transfer large files easily. However, Email is still the primary method of transferring files over the Internet. Unfortunately, using Email to transfer large files has many drawbacks. In today’s world, files are getting larger and larger, and to transfer large files via Email is no longer efficient, and in many cases, impossible.

Web Hosting

A range of business website hosting solutions, providing availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an emphasis on performance and reliability. In a protected and secure environment we provide high levels of equipment redundancy and the highest levels of bandwidth availability. With options of either a dedicated server or shared hosting. Albion can offer you the web hosting solution for your business and website.
Web Hosting Features

• Domain name registration*
• Free Web Stats with our Virtual Server solutions
• Free FrontPage server support
• Unlimited FTP access
• Password protect directories
• PHP & MySQL support

Shared Server Hosting

With shared Website Hosting we host your web site on one of our web servers located at Telehouse. Your web site is online 24 hours a day without paying for a permanent connection to the Internet and giving your visitors significantly improved download speeds. This is the ideal shared Server option for individuals or small to medium businesses that require a powerful presence on the Internet. Larger space available on request.
• Registration or transfer of domain
• 4000 MB/mo data transfer
• Your own cgi directory
• Side Include support
• Option for SSL secure server access
• Virtual HTTP (Web) Service
• Directory password protection capabilities
• Access to the raw log files
• Complete set of log files
• FTP Service
• Upload quota limits
• Multiple Domain Hosting
• FREE Web Statistics
• PHP & MySQL support

Web Stats – Free with Shared Hosting

Intuitive browser-based reports, including: referrals, search engine keywords, and click-through visitor navigation reports. Reporting capabilities meet the most advanced needs, but are simple enough for the novice.

Reports begin with basic information, becoming more detailed the deeper you go. Reports are viewable by Visitors, Pageviews, Hits and Bandwidth.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated servers for the enterprise or high traffic sites deliver the full capabilities and power of a dedicated server connected to the Internet through redundant Internet connections. These high-end servers are especially suited for mission critical applications or traffic intensive sites handling thousands of hits per day. We are experienced at running Apple OSX, and Windows based servers and will quote on bespoke basis for each customers requirements. Our monthly dedicated server hosting fees include the following:

• A high-speed dedicated Internet server
• Any hardware failures are our responsibility.
• Server monitoring: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year-we monitor your server
• Rack space in our data centre at Telehouse, London

Uninterruptible power management system and redundant power. Having an entire server devoted to your needs gives you the maximum power, flexibility and control. With exclusive access to the full server RAM and processor your website will be more reliable with significantly faster response times. Plus having a physically independent server means you will also have increased security. Albion ensures that you get connected and your site stays connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with advanced server monitoring, multiple internet backbone connections and total server control.

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