Learn 1-1 with Chromebook
A practical programme for schools looking to deploy Chromebook in Education
Start learning right out of the box.
Enable students to learn at school or on-the-go with Chromebooks. They boot up in less than 10 seconds and have over 8 hours of battery life, making them ideal for schools. You can set up and manage Chromebooks right from your browser, and you never have to worry about installing new software because they update automatically. Schools get access to a wide variety of Chrome apps and other classroom tools through Google Play for Education.
The Learn 1-1 Programme

Taking a school on a 1 to 1 programme presents a multidisciplinary challenge. Albion’s Learn 1-1 programme provides a flexible framework for schools looking to deliver mobile learning in the most comprehensive and cost effective way.

Learn 1-1 includes

Teacher Training

Billing and Collection service

Flexible Finance

Support & Insurance

Claims management portal

Administration and event support

Taking a school on a 1 to 1 programme presents a multidisciplinary challenge. Albion’s Learn 1-1 programme provides a flexible framework for schools looking to deliver mobile learning in the most comprehensive and cost effective way.


It is essential throughout the programme to engage with all stakeholders including staff, parents, students and governors. We provide access to a range of events and detailed communication material to assist in this process. We also provide the Learn 1-1 portal with information on products, costs, FAQs and signup forms.


Staff training is key to a successful Learn 1-1 progamme. Training is delivered by our Google certified Education Trainers. Training is provided on site and ensures you learn how Google for Education products can best be used by teachers and students.

Learn 1:1 – The Journey.

Albion’s Learn 1:1 programme
is composed of 5 stages. 

1. Vision

The development of a clear vision for the programme centered on educational goals is important. The vision will clarify the desired learning outcomes of integrating technology with pedagogy. Led by the school, Albion will assist in defining the timetable over which your vision can be achieved.

2. Planning

Working with your senior leadership team we will plan out the Learn 1-1 programme. The objective of this stage is to provide a fully costed and timetabled plan. The research we carry out at this stage includes conducting a detailed technical audit to assess the existing infrastructure, and in conjunction with the school conducting a skills audit to asses training requirements. Case study information and visits to lighthouse institutions are also provided.

3. Infrastructure

With the vision and plan completed the infrastructure needs to be set up so that the backbone of the project is in place. This is a critical step that cannot be skipped if Chromebook is to be fully supported. The critical infrastructure elements that need to be tested and deployed include sufficient Internet connectivity and Wi-Fi networking. Also essential are the tools to provide Chromebook integration into the network and the Chrome management console that enables Chromebooks to be configured and controlled wirelessly.

4. Phased Chromebook rollout

Chromebook rollout within the Learn 1-1 framework is done in three main phases: to teachers, classrooms and then pupils. The length of each phase can vary considerably depending on the institution’s requirements and objectives.

During the teacher rollout the Learn 1-1 programme provides staff training workshops to support teachers in managing and exploring the ways these devices can enhance learning.

Next, classroom rollouts can be carried out. Here different Apps and educational content are piloted and explored in an interactive classroom setting. Before the main rollout to pupils can begin parental engagement and support needs to be assured. We will help you deliver events as well as increasing awareness with the Learn 1-1 parent portal.

On the day of the main the Chrome management portal makes this a breeze. Full Chromebook deployment to pupils can be done on a zero-touch basis enabling standard software configuration and security settings to be implemented automatically.

5. Measurement & Sustainability

As with all aspects of education it is important to establish the learning outcomes achieved. Progress towards the goals set out in the vision stage should be monitored and reported on.

Demonstration of the improvements in student achievement, behaviour and parental engagement will help ensure the sustainability of the programme.

The finance and funding sources used in Learn 1-1 guarantee that the programme is sustainable on an ongoing basis so that new technology and new year groups can be incorporated into the scheme.

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