Internet Connections

Next generation business class internet services.

We provide cloud based services as well as high speed internet connections that are resilient, multifunctional and cost effective.

We optimise  DSL and fibre technology to provide internet connections to businesses in a wide variety of industries with particular experience in the high throughput requirements of the creative service industries.

We provide a comprehensive range of cloud based services including email, security and hosting services enabling our customers to get a complete internet solution from a single supplier.


A MultiFire connection from Albion is an evolutionary new type of Internet Connection. With MultiFibre you can get leased line performance for a fraction of the cost.

This solution provides a cost effective, highly robust and resilient connection that is ideal for businesses with high bandwidth requirements, such as VOIP and Cloud Applications.

Tailored Internet - Cost Effective & Flexible

Albion MultiFibre replaces the need for a traditional leased line whilst still maintaing the performance. This connection allows you to remain flexible with no long term contacts, define the speed you need today and quickly add capacity as your business grows in the future.

A Fast Uncontended Connection

MultiFibre gives you a direct connection to the Internet dedicated just to your business. You don’t share any bandwidth – it’s yours whenever you need it up to 100 Mb/s Up and Down.

A Tough, Resilient Connection

This solution is built with resilience at it’s core. In the unlikely event something does go wrong with an individual line your service on the remaining lines remains unaffected and is additionally covered with automatic fall back onto a backup DSL connection if required so you’ll still be online and working. We support you with dedicated Business experts, a 99.99% SLA and an experienced engineering team.

How it Works

Albion’s innovative MultiFibre solution works by combining Fibre lines together to create one large seamless and transparent connection to your business. In addition to achieving a symmetrical high speed connection – up to 100 Mb/s, you will have an unlimited, uncontended, low latency service.


• Cost from £250 per month*
• Symmetrical Connection Up to 100Mb/s
• Tailored to your business needs
• Fully Managed & 24/7 monitoring
• Good for data hungry apps like VOIP / VPN / VIDEO

• 99.99% availability SLA
• Resilient with DSL backup
• Support direct to UK engineers
• Uncontended and low latency
• Fast Installation - 30 Days

Bonded Internet

A Bonded Internet connection from Albion is custom designed to suit your business and is the best of breed alternative to an expensive leased line. This solution provides a cost effective, highly robust and resilient connection that is ideal for businesses with high bandwidth requirements, such as VOIP.

Albion's innovative bonded solution works by combining single DSL or FTTC lines together to create a large seamless connection to your business. In addition to achieving a high speed connection, up to 100 Mb/s, you will have an uncontended and low latency service.

This solution is built with resilience at it's core. Should there be a fault on any of the single lines Albion's resilient architecture allows the service to remain live, but at a reduced speed until the problem is fixed. This ensures any impact on the end user is minimal and keeps you working.


• Cost from £150 per month ex VAT
• Bonds up to 8 connections
• Lines can be either DSL or FTTC
• Speeds depends on location – up to 100Mb
• Combines the maximum speed from each line
• Good for data hungry apps like VOIP / VPN / VIDEO
• Fully managed service

• Available nationwide
• 99.99% availability SLA
• 24/7 line monitoring
• Resilient multiline solution
• Support direct to UK engineers
• Uncontended and low latency connections
• 2 - 4 week install time


An FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) connection from Albion provides the fastest speeds you can achieve on a single DSL connection.

FTTC Broadband provides significantly faster speeds than a traditional DSL connection: up to 80Mb download and 20Mb upload. This connection is perfectly suited to businesses needing a fast and reliable service, but not at the cost of a full fibre or leased line connection.

We always ensure our service provides the lowest possible contention and do not restrict traffic entering our network.

This connection is available in areas with new street cabinets and is being rolled out nationwide, use our speed checker to see if it is available in your area.


• Cost from £50 per month ex VAT
• Up to 80Mb downloand and 20Mb upload
• 5:1 connection

• 99.99% availability SLA
• 2-4 week install time
• Fully managed service

DSL Broadband

DSL Broadband is ideal for the small or home office. An Albion DSL line provides an unlimited low contention connection, even during the busy times of the day you will have high bandwidth availability.

Your connection is tailored to suit your business with speeds up to 20Mb download and 2.5Mb upload available. Your connection is monitored 24/7 and supported by a dedicated team of expert engineers in the UK.
As your business grows this service is rapidly expandable by bonding pairs of lines together to create a larger seamless connection.


Up to 20Mb download & 2.5Mb Upload
Fileport file transfer with Business connections
Low 5:1 contention (no more busy time bottlenecks)
Suitable for Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
Unlimited Bandwidth usage
Managed Router option
auto failover/redundant option

Static IP address
SMTP access for any domain name
No port blocking of traffic shaping
Fully redundant network, multiple peering
Dedicated account management
Premier Customer service & Technical Support
Fast Installation

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