A full service integrated global marcoms agency.
Gravity are a 100% B2B focused, award-winning creative agency, with cutting-edge digital competencies. When Albion first met Gravity they were going through a period of very rapid growth. Steve Long, the Creative Director explains that, “We were growing internationally and we really needed to come up with an IT solution to help us move forward as a company”. At the time Gravity was moving into new premises and needed a complete IT solution that both streamlined their workflow and reduced the amount of time they spent on IT.
The Way Forward

To help Gravity move forward we really concentrated on how we could increase efficiency, allowing them to focus on what really matters.
The solution included:

• Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac 

• Google Apps for email & calendar 

• Adobe Creative Cloud

• Cloud backup and archive solution 

• Dedicated fibre internet connection 

• iCare – comprehensive support for hardware and services

The Results.

With their new IT solution in place, Steve says that Gravity have become “much more efficient”. He goes on to say, “Our clients are very happy to give us more work because we can do it a lot more quickly. Whereas a job would take two days to do previously we can now get that job done in a day”. Tony, the Studio Manager, has found that Albion’s iCare support service is “of great benefit” to Gravity, and Steve expands further by saying “the service from Albion is actually very good. And if there is a problem we can have a response very quickly”. In the digital team, Will really enjoys working with Mac. He says, “it’s just a much smoother workflow and everything works a lot faster. It generally feels more stable and solid.” Will also says that “the main advantage with Albion, in terms of software, is that we now use Adobe Creative Cloud; it’s just absolutely seamless”. Email has also been vastly improved with the introduction of Google Apps. Virginia, the office manager, says that email is now “less complicated and more reliable”. 

Looking to the future

Our relationship with Gravity is really progressing. We now get involved earlier on projects and are working together to see how IT can help achieve their objectives. Paul, Gravity’s Executive Creative Director, explains that, “Albion and Gravity have been a really successful partnership from the outset. As IT is not something that we are specialists at they are partnering with us to keep one step ahead of the game.” Looking to the future Paul says that Albion “will be helping us manage our workflow systems and how we communicate both internally and internationally”.

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