Guildford High School is an independent school with an innovative approach to education.

At Guildford High School a “quiet revolution” is taking place. iPad is enhancing pupils’ education and ensuring the school continues with their long history of academic and sporting excellence.

At Guildford High School a “quiet revolution” is taking place. iPad is enhancing pupils’ education and helping the school continue with their long history of academic and sporting excellence.

With proactivity and innovation high on the school’s agenda, iPad is making teachers rethink their approach and is enabling them to be more creative in the classroom. Jo Holt, an English Teacher at GHS, remarks that she “loves having the iPad in her classroom”.

Not only are teachers loving the versatility and straightforwardness of iPad, pupils are engaging and feel like they can “get more involved” with the learning materials above and beyond the level that traditional pen and paper allows.

Being able to graphically visualise mathematical equations on the iPad, for instance, allows students to see the real world application of the things they’re learning and apps such as Linguascope are helping younger students improve upon their language skills.

iPad is used everyday throughout all year groups, but before GHS could achieve this success some crucial planning and behind the scenes work took place. “When it came to integrating iPad with our existing network, Albion was really useful”, says Martin Holthman, a Senior Teacher in charge of Digital Learning at GHS. Working with GHS, we deployed a solution that allowed the students and staff to seamlessly work on and share files between Mac, PC, iPad and the school’s windows based servers.

From our perspective”, Martin says, “Apple and the iPad are leading the education market at this stage. In terms of the operating system it’s very robust and useable.” Detailed analysis of the market led the school to Albion, who Martin says offered the “right blend of value and integrity in their educational pedigree.”

Martin highlights the bespoke training from Apple Education Trainers provided by Albion, which suited the varying needs of the staff, while Jo felt the training demystified the process and helped people to acclimatise to the introduction of the iPad.

For a school always looking to build on previous success, headteacher Fiona Boulton, believes iPad has really enhanced her pupils’ education, and that the device seamlessly fits their ethos of blending innovation and tradition.

The Albion Learn 1-1 programme supports teaching and learning across all year groups at Guildford High, from ages 4 to 18, giving the students a well rounded and engaging experience that prepares them for the wider world of further education and work.

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