ePOS Hardware

The perfect hardware for Vend & Timley

Our recommended solutions will create a slick and seamless EPOS solution, so whether you need a whole EPOS hardware package or just one more thing, we can help you get everything you need to get set up and running in no time.
Payment Terminals

Vend works with the global leaders in payment processing to ensure that it is easy for you to take payments.

We offer fantastic fully integrated options that allows you to open up your store to even more customers and start accepting all major credit cards and debit cards, as well as contactless payments and Apple Pay.

iZettle’s new contactless reader makes taking payments quicker and easier for you and your customers. You can even accept NFC transactions like Apple Pay. With iZettle, there are no lengthy subscriptions, just pay a fixed transaction fee of 1.75%.

Choose from three types of card machine – countertop, portable, and mobile – to create a payment solution tailored to your business. Paymentsense card machines are among the most robust on the market. 

Cash Drawers & Printers

Star mPOP

Star mPOP™ Mobile Point of Purchase is the first combined cash drawer and printer for mobile POS. With Bluetooth and USB connectivity, this compact and stylish system integrates seamlessly with Vend or Timley for an all-in-one mobile POS solution.

Star TSP143II Printer

The Star TSP143II version printer is a fast, efficient and compact thermal printer. Features include smart error reporting and real-time status updates for fast troubleshooting.

Star MCPrint

The super-compact, front-feed printers offer high quality printing and exceptional functionality with up to 5 interfaces including Star CloudPRNT as well as hub functionality, controlling select USB peripherals attached to the printer including Cash Drawer, Scanner and iPad.

Star Micronics CB-2002
The Star CB-2002 is an easy to use, sturdy, entry-level cash drawer that connects to your receipt printer for automatic and manual drawer release. Works perfectly with the Start TSP143II or Star MCPrint.

Socket S700

The SocketScan S700 1D barcode scanner with Bluetooth wireless technology scans on paper or screen. It has a light-weight, ergonomic structure, and a long-lasting battery to withstand entire work days. The five color options fit most styles and environment needs. The LEDs for battery, Bluetooth and scanning notifications make the scanner more intuitive to use. Compatible with all applications in previous Socket Mobile barcode scanners, without software changes. 

Socket S740 

The Socket S740 Bundle includes the 2D barcode scanner which has Bluetooth® wireless technology and comes with a Charging Dock to conveniently charge and store the scanner.

Its light-weight, ergonomic construction, and long-lasting battery survive entire work days. Lights for battery, Bluetooth and scanning notifications make an intuitive experience. Compatible with all applications in previous Socket Mobile barcode scanners, without software changes.