Literacy and Accessibility with iPad.

Literacy and Accessibility with iPad.

An event for educators. We’ll showcase how iPad supports all learners with a focus on literacy.

Join us to learn how iPad has the best built-in features designed to include and support all learning abilities and styles.

At the event we’ll demonstrate what’s possible in our hands on workshops led by an Apple Professional Learning Specialist. You’ll also hear about Apple’s approach to design and accessibility in addition to hearing how Albion can support your school.

This event is suitable for SEN educators of all key stages.


09:30 – Registration

09:45 – Introduction & Welcome

10:00 – Apple. Designed for all learners.

10:45 –  Q&A with Coffee Break

11:00 – Workshop 1

12:15 – Lunch

12:45 – Workshop 2

14:00 – Q&A and Coffee Break

14:15 – Workshop 3

15:15 – Close with Q&A

Date & Time

11th Dec 2023 | 09:30-15:15


St Gregory’s Catholic Primary School, Deepdale, Blackpool Rd, Preston, PR1 6HQ

Date & Time

11th Dec 2023 

Workshop 1

This workshop will delve in to the features built in to the iPad that can support learners with their literacy skills. 

We’ll highlight working with EAL and dyslexic students.

Workshop 2

Podcasting is a fantastic tool in the classroom to evidence topic knowledge.

This workshop will focus on scripting the content using Pages, before creating the podcast in GarageBand.

Workshop 3

Film-making is another great approach to engaging learners with literacy, especially when we include some effects by including a green screen. This workshop will build on the scripting element of Pages, to present topic knowledge in a documentary film with iMovie.

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Expand what’s possible

As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist with over 35 years experience and a deep understanding in facilitating Music creation; ask our experts how we can support your school. 

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