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Royal Grammar School Worcester have incorporated iPad and Mac into their curriculum with great results. Creating digital work in the classroom through iPad and Mac has widened the scope for creativity in lessons so film, music and drawing are added to bring lessons to life.


With all the fantastic digital work being made like films and animation it was apparent something was still missing. John Jones, Director of Innovation at RGS explains that students’ work would get written or produced then “the teacher would see or read them and give them a mark and that would be the end of it.” He noticed that “when children produce work they love it being shared.” So RGS needed a platform to celebrate student work and digital signage by TrilbyTV was the best solution.


TrilbyTV is an easy to use software that specialises in displaying media-rich content like videos, tweets and photos on one platform onto screens. Digital signage by TrilbyTV was the perfect solution for RGS because it uniquely gave children “a genuine audience for their work.”


On top of celebrating student work TrilbyTV is a great platform for school communication. In light of Covid-19 TrilbyTV has been an important and scalable tool to display essential health and safety information across school grounds. It’s excellent for safeguarding and comes with ready-made content such as ‘Keeping Safe at School’ slides which RGS has used in all four schools. They are also free to create their own slides and helpful reminders on social distancing and hygiene.



Helpful reminders on social distancing and hygiene

As Covid-19 guidelines continue to be implemented it’s imperative schools utilize an effective platform to relay guidelines. TrilbyTV has been instrumental in ensuring all four RGS schools from early years to sixth form are simultaneously updated on the latest guidance. The versatility of TrilbyTV ensures that screens used in multiple buildings of the school can display curated content that is age group appropriate. An annual unlimited screen license ensures that multi-site organisations are fully covered so students, staff and parents never miss an announcement.

“Easily fit TrilbyTV into busy schedules.” 

John has been delighted with TrilbyTV because of its simplicity. “The ease of which I was able to learn how to use the software and teach other teachers to use the software was so helpful.” The ability to change content easily means using TrilbyTV effortlessly fits into teaching staff’s busy schedules. Now many teachers can upload content and use the software to promote outstanding work that children are proud of.

“In terms of functionality, ease of use, great customer service and the package as well, there’s nothing else as good. It’s as simple as that!” And that’s why TrilbyTV is the No.1 Digital signage solution for Education. TrilbyTV “has been fantastic” at unifying communication and amplifying student work, says John. Royal Grammar School Worcester are looking forward to getting more screens and championing TrilbyTV as the best choice for Digital Signage in schools.

Sign-up for a free 30-day trial. You will get to use all the amazing TrilbyTV features in your school and see for yourself the advantages of switching on digital signage. 

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