iPad at Tomlinscote

Our Vision

Our vision of using iPads for learning is Developing Confidence in personalised learning for both staff and students. Enabling Success for now, for the future, and for all by giving equal access to resources.

We think that the iPad is the best tool to help us deliver this vision. It allows us to have access to many educational apps that can enhance and augment the learning in and out of the classroom.

We want staff to develop digital skills that enable us to deliver our vision and that students are prepared to access and use digital resources.

Our Aims

Our iPad scheme aims to:

• Enable our students to be more prepared for the 21st Century digital age

• Encourage learning to occur ‘anyplace, anytime’

• Encourage our students to become independent learners who take more responsibility for their own learning

• Provide the best possible environment and to create the most effective opportunities for good quality learning to take place. It is another feature of the teacher & student tool kit to ensure the best possible learning can be achieved

• Encourage our students to be even more motivated and to enjoy their learning

• Raise standards of academic achievement