Deputy – Workforce management


Everything you need to manage your staff, all on one system

Deputy is a cloud based all in one employee scheduling, time and attendance, tasking and communication platform.

Fully costed employee schedules

Deputy allows you to schedule employees in different areas and locations and you can run multiple locations of your business within one account. You can publish schedules and notify your employees over email, SMS or push notification. Deputy’s drag and drop interface will allow you to easily create shifts. You can view estimate shift costs and graph wages against expected sales and if you integrate your EPOS data, you will be able to identify peaks and troughs of sales throughout the day and create your schedule accordingly. Deputy lets you offer open shifts to selected employees or your entire workforce with just one tap and you can even add new employees with just a touch of a button. You can track the training of your employees and allocate them according to their skills and qualifications and the fatigue and overtime management allows you to ensure no one is being overworked. Deputy allows you to sync employee’s pay rate from your payroll budget, to accurately cost your full schedule.



Time clock and time sheets.

Deputy allows your staff to clock in and clock out of their shifts on any device at anytime, from anywhere You can generate invoices straight into your accounting software and auto allocate rates, job codes or employees per invoice line. Deputy integrates with many of the most popular payroll packages, such as Xero. Deputy automatically calculates overtime, penalty rates and salary costings, according to either local laws or your own workplace agreements. The Deputy mobile geolocation capability allows you to ensure your employees are where they should be, preventing time theft. Deputy allows you to use dynamic reports to help you track your schedule budgets, timesheet costs and sales transactions.

Workplace Communication

Create posts for individual members of staff, or for your whole work place to see and start a conversation by allowing your employees to comment on your posts. Easily attach PDFs and images to your messages . Employees will be notified of your posts via email or push notification.



Tasking and performance.

With Deputy, you can save time by creating and assigning tasks to your staff, receiving notifications when the tasks are complete. Management and supervisors are able to easily leave journal entries for employees, ensuring your business is always on track, and always improving.

Customer Story

April Doty,
Moto Yogo, London.

“We grant our staff maximum flexibility to work the hours they want while still balancing hours fairly across the team. Deputy facilitates this effortlessly. Our staff members simply enter the hours they are not available and we schedule shifts around their availability. And we can easily check the hours assigned and worked for every member of the team during the month so that we ensure a fair distribution of shifts.”

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