The complete security solution for your school’s
Apple and IT equipment.


CableLock Pro

The CableLock Pro is easy to use and reuse, offering excellent strength to deter theft. The kit includes a stand anchor clamp and a cable made from high tensile steel. Mouse and keyboard cables can also be secured through the stand anchor clamp.


The SecureStand is sleek, yet heavy duty. It prevents your iMac from being stolen whilst stabilising it on any desktop, preventing accidental falls. The stand is constructed using hardened steel and comes fitted with an anti-tamper and anti-drill shrouded lock.

Mac Mini

Rack MiniLock

The Rack MiniLock secures up to two Mac mini servers in a IU high racking enclosure with a high-security padlock. With the Rack MiniLock, you can secure the cables at the rear of the unit by threading them through the padlock before locking.

MiniLock Eco

The MiniLock Eco securely mounts your Mac Mini on or under a desk, or onto the back of your monitor. The discreet, high-security mount allows full access to cables, full ventilation and prevents memory theft.


The NoteSaver is a simple, portable solution that can secure your laptop anywhere. The NoteSaver is designed to allow you to secure your laptop to a convenient object, such as a desk or a radiator.


SecureTV3 is a discreet, high security mount for AppleTV, which can be screwed to the desk or wall. The padlock also acts as a cable tidy and allows access to the cable.

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