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iPad has become part of every pupil’s toolkit at Salesian. iPad has helped enable active teaching, flexible learning and enables greater collaboration between students and staff. iPad seamlessly integrates with their workflow of choice, Office 365. The scheme has enjoyed huge success, recently being awarded Apple Distinguished School status.

Salesian College is a Roman Catholic Grammar school for boys aged 11-18 and girls aged 16-18. Albion has supported Salesian in the adoption of iPad over the last 4 years and the deployment has been a “huge success.” With the support of Albion, Salesian has been able to establish a highly proficient level of iPad use that has led to Apple Distinguished School status being awarded. 

From the beginning Salesian College’s vision for learning demanded “active teaching and flexible learning,” says Senior Assistant Head teacher Steven Rowe. With this in mind, iPad was the perfect tool.

Microsoft workflow

As a longtime user of Office 365 Salesian was looking for devices that would embed seamlessly with their current workflow solution. iPad has proven a fantastic platform for using Microsoft apps. In particular OneNote and iPad, together, enables teachers to assess their students’ work in greater detail. Stuart Bannister, Head of Art and DT, highlights that he can now see and undersand “how students are performing in other subjects and compare what’s been produced in our own department”. Consequently it has brought a holistic approach to each child’s learning journey and helped organise their work.

Transformational Design

Salesian is pioneering a new approach to their new Architecture and Design Technology GCSE subject. Putting the iPad at the heart of design has been fantastic for children to apply their science, maths and art knowledge. The combination of iPad and Apple pencil has opened a new world of creativity. From making digital art to creating (CAD) computer aided design Apple pencil has become an “incredibly important” addition to Art & DT lessons says their Head of Department. 

Beginning with the Apple Notes app students create concept sketches and annotations. Apple pencil then lets them create CAD drawings with the Shapr app. Apple Pencil is fundamental for apps like Shapr so children can draw and utilise the same apps manufacturing companies like Kenwood and 3M are using with their trained professionals. iPad and Cricut, a cutter machine, are an incredible pairing for creating architecture projects to turn their 2D designs into 3D reality. The Cricut cutter machine is operated by iPad and uses basic images or vectors to bring designs to life in 3D.

Whole class engagement

The integration of iPad and Apple TV in the classroom “stops the usual monotony of a lesson,” explains John, a year 11 student . He excitedly shares that it helps ignite “whole class” engagement and “makes lessons more fun.” Leading to more student discussion and participation in class. With every student having an iPad they get “regular and timely feedback,” says Ed, a year 11 student. This has proven beneficial during study leave before exams because students can still have quality contact and feedback from teachers prior to exams. Moreover, Apple technology has been a fantastic platform to facilitate independent learning for children especially as many have grown up as “digital natives” surmises Andrea Leforte, Head of History and Politics.

Trusted support

Albion crafted a detailed deployment plan and ensured devices were safe and manageable via the cloud. We also spent a good deal of time with the teachers, we wanted to ensure that they could get the most out of their devices. We accomplished this by the use of our Apple Professional Learning Specialists, who as ex educators have a unique understanding of learning and teaching with technology.


In conclusion, iPad has “helped improve educational outcomes” and students are “more motivated” and enjoy their education, explains Steven Rowe. Teachers are also noticing deeper student engagement with their learning thanks to the adoption of iPad. Salesian College continues to expand what’s possible with education technology and we are so proud that they have become an Apple Distinguished school. We look forward to their ongoing success.


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