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A holistic and community based 1:1 technology scheme for schools.

The Scheme 

Cost effective for schools, our Community iPad Scheme encompasses all the key elements required to make an iPad deployment successful. We bring together elements such as strategic planning, technical support and teacher training, as well as administrative and financial assistance into one solution.


At the foundation of any scheme is the local community; families and schools working together to make a real difference to their Children’s educational outcomes.

All communities are unique so we tailor our iPad schemes around each school and their strategic plans.

By harnessing parental donations, this allows schools to embark on 1:1 schemes that in most cases are cost neutral to their own budgets. Albion and our partner charity use our unique combination of technical know-how and charitable grants to support equitable and sustainable 1:1 schemes.

Learn 1:1

Albion 1:1 schemes give schools all the elements that go into as successful deployment at an affordable and simple monthly cost per device.

Hear from other schools that have gone 1:1, explore their stories.

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