iPad in Education
iPad has changed everything. Including the classroom

iPad gives you so many ways to engage your students and bring every lesson to life. Discover apps, interactive books, speeches, virtual tours, videos and more that fit each student’s level and learning style.
All on a device they already love.

iTunes U
for iPad

With iTunes U, it’s easy to design and deliver a complete course – filled with books, apps, videos and more. With homework hand-in, an integrated grade book and private discussions, it’s a seamless way to organise your classroom.

Apps in a class
by themselves

The App Store offers over 170,000 educational apps made just for iPad, offering unlimited potential to transform the way teachers teach and students learn.

Books they won’t
want to put down

iBooks is stacked with interactive materials to help you teach practically any subject. And the Multi-Touch magic of iBooks Textbooks offers students an engaging and interactive experience.

A better experience with every touch
iOS is the intuitive, advanced, intelligent and secure mobile operating system, and it’s designed to help you get the most out of iPad. Apps run smoothly. Websites open instantly. And it comes with great features for education that work seamlessly together.
Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager is the single destination for schools to coordinate everything they need to deploy.

Shared iPad

Shared iPad offers an elegant solution for sharing devices when a 1:1 student-to-iPad ratio isn’t possible.

Classroom app
Classroom is a powerful new app that helps teachers guide learning, share work, and manage student devices.
Accessible to everyone.
Technology is a great way of providing assistance, bridging the gaps in learning styles and creating opportunities for all students. That’s why many accessibility features are already built into Mac, conveniently stored together under Accessibility in Settings. To name just a few:
Why Albion?

Whether you’re new to Apple and Mac or a seasoned expert, Albion can help you get the most out of Mac in education. We have all the knowledge and know how to help you deploy Mac successfully and transform your teaching and learning.


Albion’s iCare Support packages are tailored to your institution so you receive the support you need from our highly accredited engineers, where and when you need it.

IT in the classroom
Deploying Mac throughout your institution has never been easier. You can help students and teachers get up and running quickly with a complete solution for deploying and enrolling Mac, as well as purchasing and distributing apps and books.
Taught by educators. For educators
Apple Professional Development workshops teach you how to integrate Apple products into your curriculum and overall student environment for a richer learning and teaching experience.
Flexible leasing

Albion’s flexible leasing has been specifically created to make it easier for schools and colleges to take advantage of Apple products without the upfront cost.

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