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Secure Remote Access

Home Workers & Secure SSL VPN

Access from any PC with Internet access

Ideal for home workers and travelling workers in un-trusted environments such as hotel and airport Internet kiosks.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) needs no software or configuration on the client device and can easily be combined with two factor authentication. Secure reliable access from any PC with Internet Explorer or Firefox, anywhere in the world.

Remote Offices & IPSec VPN

Fully meshed VPN for your worldwide locations

Ideal for fixed locations such as regional or worldwide offices.

An Albion IPSec VPN enables fast, economical, secure and fully meshed communications between your offices. In addition Albion can fully manage your IPSec VPN using our management centre for ease of configuring, deploying and on-going support.

Firewalls and Intrusion Protection

Sonicwall secure connectivity solution proactively defends your network

Sonicwall secure connectivity solution comprises of a Firewall and an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Sonicwall IPS defends the network proactively by detecting malicious packets within regular network traffic and blocking them before any damage occurs. Implementing Sonicwall IPS expands the defence further within networks enabling comprehensive, multi-dimensional network security. Sonicwall Firewall and IPS work together to provide intelligent defence all over the enterprise network.

Wireless networks

Every workplace is different. Whether you operate over several office floors, throughout warehouses and factories, or even in outside workspaces, we can help your business become wireless without your network becoming over complicated or expensive.

Our specialist engineers will calculate where you need your wireless access points to be and how far your staff need to be able to roam with their computers, mobiles and iPads, without losing connection.

We’ll assess where you need strong signals and set up your wireless network to work consistently and reliably, in line with how you need to work, for a truly wireless business environment.

Click here For more information on our wireless solutions.

Contact us today to arrange a visit by one of our accredited engineers who will show you how your business could benefit from wifi.

WiFi Survey Reporting

Planner Signal Coverage Report

The image on the right shows signal coverage (in dBm) at each point in the map layout. Refer to the legend below the map for the dBm values corresponding to each colour region. As a general rule, regions with signal strengths below -67 dBm provide insufficient coverage for standard use (this value may vary depending on user requirements, service level agreements, applications used, number of users serviced, etc.).
APs are displayed in their planned locations and reflect the specified power and antenna properties. Note that an active WiFi area can incorporate a variety of environmental factors that can vary throughout the day and may adversely affect projected RF coverage.

Channel Interference

The interference level (in percentage) at each point in the map layout. Refer to the legend below the map for the percent values corresponding to each colour region.  APs are displayed in their planned locations and reflect the specified power and antenna properties. Note that the interference levels present in the environment can vary depending on several factors, such as the number of APs on a single channel, number of devices present, non-802.11 interferers, etc.

PHY Data Rate Coverage

The image on the right displays the Predictive PHY Data Rate (in dBm) at each point in the map layout. Refer to the legend below the map for the dBm value of the signal corresponding to each colour region. Although a higher speed is invariably better for any deployment, implementations designed for VoFi operations should pay particular attention to ensuring a favourable data rate, as low rates can have a far greater affect in terms of jitter, voice delay, and call quality than they would for a standard data deployment.


The image below displays the expected Throughput (in Mbps) calculated based on the site’s layout. Refer to the legend below the map for the value in Mbps that corresponds to each colour region. Although a higher throughput level is invariably better for any deployment, implementations designed for VoFi operations should pay particular attention to ensuring a favourable throughput level, as lower levels can have a far greater affect in terms of jitter , voice delay, and call quality than they would for a standard data deployment.

IP Telephony

Maximiser is probably the most innovative telephony solution for business in the market today.

The Maximiser telephony system which is then coupled with Albion's skills (as an ISP and systems integrator) in voice, data and customer support, businesses both small and large are taking advantage of the huge cost savings and increased productivity that only a truly up to date and properly configured IP telephony system can offer. In most cases these savings alone mean the system justifies it's initial cost and with the added flexibility companies can work and respond to change in ways that would not have been possible in the past.

Maximiser from Albion - delivering a better solution.

Whatever the size of your business - you can benefit from...

Personal & departmental voicemail
Selective in/out call recording
Seamless remote home working
Instant caller recognition & call lists
Call conferencing & call meetings

Automatic extension to mobile phone forwarding
Internal contact directories or database integration
Macintosh, Linux & Windows compatibility* with
fully featured on-screen soft-phone client
IP network integration and/or separate cabling.
Plus many other features.

Scalable from just a handful of users to 5,000 extensions, over multiple remote sites if required (including home workers), it's as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be - the new maximiser from Albion.


Reduced call costs

Using the internet to route outbound calls means dramatically reduced call charges especially when calling long distance or overseas. AND calls to remote workers or different branches are absolutely free.

Improved Efficiency

Integrating all you voice and data into one network can improve efficiency from 10 to 40% according to research complied by leading communication companies like Cisco.

Reduced Administration Costs

Easy of use and set up means for example people moving between desks, branches or to other locations on your network doesn't involve costly reconfiguration.

Increased personal & Workgroup productivity

The incredible list of features available to the users from number stores to conferencing and the availability status of everyone on the network means people can work together in ways no traditional business telephone user could invisage.

Improved Reliability

By routing calls over both internet and the traditional telephone network there's resilience built in and when added to the reduction in complexity of your network and industry standard protocols it's easy to see why modern IP phone systems are taking off.

Improved Customer Care

Ever been asked to phone another number when speaking to a business. With the ability to route calls to anywhere on your network whether local or remote you can deal with incoming enquiries in the most efficient manner possible.


By using the latest SIP technology network overheads are kept to a minimum which means the cost is kept low when upgrading the system when your business expands.

Rapid Return on investment

With the reduction in call costs, low installation costs, improved efficiency and ease of use it's easy to see why IP telephony is being adopted across the world at such a high pace.

A Total Solution

Unlike other providers when using the Albion IP system you're not left working with many different suppliers. We'll provide the network, the internet bandwidth, the phone system itself and any additional equipment you may need and then we'll install and support the complete solution.


Our services enable seamless implementation of IP telephone systems that can either integrate with companies' data networks or run separately with analogue hand sets.

Core understanding of networks

Albions core understanding of data networks and IP telephony gives us the inside track when it comes to VoiP implementation and integration.

Our technology experts have in-depth expertise in enabling voice and data network environments to work together. We can provide the best advice regarding separating or combining the voice and data networks. We understand protocols like QoS (quality of service), SIP (session initiated protocol) and H323, how to plan and implement an IP Telephone system that matches an organization's business requirements, required service-levels and budgets.

With our heritage in data network infrastructures, we can ensure that an Internet telephony system is integrated seamlessly to maximize efficiency, productivity and costs.

First-class support and advice

Albion is renowned for the quality of the support services we provide to clients for IP telephony , IT systems and Internet connections. Modern IP telephone systems integrate with Macs and PCs and more and more operate over internet connections.

Our IP telephony support service is second to none as we believe it is essential that your support company has in house not only the telephony skills but also the IT, IP and internet skills.

Albion is a long standing business only Internet service provider, a support company for Macs and PCs for over 20 years and have supplied telephone systems to many happy customers over the last 10 years.

As a supplier we make it simple as we provide one easily managed cost centre by combining all the hardware, software, telephone calls, support service and internet connections.

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