The Chase School

Chromebook Scheme

This portal will close on 4th July 2022

In our drive to improve outcomes for all students, including the development of our remote learning systems, The Chase has been working in partnership with the Birmingham e-Learning Foundation and Albion Computers to offer parents the opportunity to acquire a portable Chromebook for their child(ren) to use in school, as well as for learning at home. We believe that all students accessing their own devices to support the use of ICT in and out of the classroom will further enhance their learning, allowing personalised access to a wealth of creative content, resources and tools. We are now offering all parents in preparation for September, the opportunity to join this scheme via monthly contributions that include insurance and accessories at a considerable saving on the recommended retail price of a Chromebook. Monthly contributions are collected by the Birmingham e-learning Foundation, a charity that uses gift aid collected via the scheme to cover administration costs; any excess is awarded back to the school to help the sustainability of the scheme.

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