Wherewolf - UK Partner

Wherewolf is the app for adventure tourism operators to manage guests from arrival to departure,
eliminate paperwork, and more effectively acquire new customers.

Speed up your business

Save yourself the time of manually entering data. With Wherewolf, collect all the information you need, such as waivers and medical notes as soon as your customer arrives. All your documents are stored safely in the cloud, ready and easy to find when you need them.

Organise your business

Wherewolf allows you to manage the whole of your business from one place. View trip manifests, allocate equipment, assign staff and know everything about customers on site.

Grow your business

Use the Wherewolf app to quickly ask your customers marketing questions. Easily filter your information for targeted marketing. Quickly send your customers thank you emails to prompt reviews, likes and referral business.

Great Features

iPad Check-in

Collect everything you need from names and signatures to marketing questions and email addresses.

Digital Wavers

No more paperwork! Replace paper waivers with fully digital, legally binding documents that are automatically dropped into a database for easy access.


Mine customer data to launch targeted emails and advertising to generate more bookings and encourage great online reviews to boost your ranking.

Trip manifests

A complete overview of all the customers in a trip including details like medical information.

Trip reports

A trip report is a combination of the customers and information for a trip that staff can sign off.

Oversee Operations

Access a powerful dashboard that gives your staff instant access to guest data and operational tools to run your business while the customer is onsite.

Tally sheets

Keep track of individual’s purchases onsite. Like a tab system, you can total it at the end.

Load organiser

Increase efficiency by eliminating paper and whiteboards with digital trip manifests, trip reporting, equipment allocations, dive/flight logs, and more!

Collect customer data

Collect Customer Data

All data collected can automatically be shared with your reservation or booking software, Albion are experts at integrating cloud applications.

Why Albion?

We’re Wherewolf’s UK Partner – We supply, project manage and support all UK customers get up and running.
We can provide onsite or remote consultations, implementations, training and ongoing support. We combine a wide range of services and expertise across major platforms to offer an outstanding one stop shop for our customers. We specialise in providing Apple and great cloud solutions that improve efficiency and profitability.

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