Why you should choose an EPOS System.

Businesses everywhere are now deciding to trade in their traditional cash tills for a more modern system. Whether you are in retail, hospitality or wholesale, a new EPOS system can improve every aspect of your business, from the speed of your transactions, to the organisation of your staff and your inventory management.

1. Speed and efficiency

Getting started with an EPOS system is easy. Simple sales screens allow you to serve quickly in peak periods and cloud based systems even allow you to carry on serving if your internet goes down. EPOS improves financial accuracy, reducing the need for human error. Quicker and more accurate sales means happier customers, more likely to return, increasing your profitability.

2. Keeping you organised.

Stay organised by accurately managing your stock, setting reorder points so you know when stock gets low. Control your inventory with inventory counts and easily transfer between your locations. Manage your customers, by creating customer groups, viewing purchase history and account balances, ensuring your best customers come back. Sign in and manage your business from anywhere with a cloud based system.


3. All of your business in one place

Dive deep into your data with real time analytics to make more informed business decisions. See your most popular items, know which staff members are the highest sellers and identify any problems quickly. Integrate staff scheduling software to know where your staff are, when they are there and what they are doing.

4. Grows with your business

Get the flexibility and scalability you need to run your business. Quickly and simply add products, users and registers. Add multiple locations and easily manage them all from one system. Seamlessly integrate your EPOS system with your website. Grow your business as much and as quickly as you want with the vast amount of add ons available such as accounting software, loyalty apps, staff scheduling and more.

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