Why choose a Mac based solution?

Companies everywhere are now transforming their retail and hospitality businesses with Mac and MacOS. Manage every part of your business, from Point of Sale, employee scheduling and accounting. Mac and MacOS enables you to run every part of your business from a system you already know and love.

Manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Mac combined with our cloud solutions means that you can have instant access to the heart of your business wherever you are – explore all of your sales, inventory and reports in real time. Mac is built with the best hardware and software and unlike other computers, works seamlessly with iPhone and iPad. So you can start working on your Mac and pick up where you left off on another device, without wasting any time.

Enhance your productivity and delight customers

Using a Mac can transform the way you run your retail business. Mac already comes with many apps needed for your business, for common tasks like sending emails and messages or managing schedules so you can keep your business organised. With Mac you can manage product inventories and automatically reorder items with low quantities.

Power and performance
for every business

From thin and light notebooks to powerful desktop computers, every Mac is packed with advanced hardware and software that works together seamlessly. Whether you require the screen real estate of an iMac, or the light and mobile MacBook Air, with Mac there is so much variety, you can choose a device that’s perfectly suited to your business.

Talks with all the hardware you need to run your business

With a Mac solution, not only do you get powerful software but also great hardware. MacOS and our EPOS apps work with a wide range of hardware so you can easily accept a multitude of payment methods and seamlessly connect to barcode scanners and receipt printers.

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