Dear Inventory Management

Is keeping track of your inventory becoming a daily hassle? We suggest Dear, a one stop inventory system like no other. Dear is a cost effective and reliable way of managing stock, invoicing, sales channels, sales, costs and more.

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Manage inventory with ease

Product Families


Simplify the management of extensive product lines and variations by creating Product Families consisting of variations of the same product with a unique SKU. Dear even automatically creates the SKUs so you don’t have to.

Load from your online shop


With Dear, there’s no need to waste time doubling up on data entries. Dear automatically creates products, including descriptions and photos, currently listed on your existing ecommerce sale channel. Leaving you with more time to get on with the important stuff.

Multi-Warehouse management

dear inventory management

Keeping track of stock in one location can be difficult enough, let alone multiple locations. With Dear, you can simplify this process. Create an unlimited amount of locations and buy, sell and manufacture from these locations, whilst transferring items between them and performing stocktakes. All from one system.

Barcode Scanning


Save days of your time with Dear’s barcode scanning functionality. Incorporate a barcode scanner as part of your stock count and stop wasting time and making human errors.

Other Great Features



Stay competitive and profitable with Dear. Your entire supplier purchasing history is recorded along with correct costs, allowing you to create the right pricing strategy for your products.


Track the cost of raw materials and labour in production of finished goods with Dear’s manufacturing module. Easily create multilevel bills of materials as well as kits and auto-assembled inventory.


Never lose another sale with comprehensive sale functionality. Track orders from quote, to pick, pack and shipment. Split orders for partial shipment or create a backorder of complete shipment when stock arrives.


Dear inventory management

Dear has powerful integration capabilities, working seamlessly with a plethora of apps. To name just a few, Dear integrates with: Xero, Quickbooks, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Vend, Amazon, Ebay. Integrate with Xero to see who owes you money with a click of a button. Integrate with your ecommerce platform and make it the centre piece of all inventory management, making your business truly global.

Customer Stories

Ross Williams,
Many Fold Farm

Dear inventory management

We use Dear Inventory at Many Fold Farm to track our purchases of ingredients and sanitation products from supplier to final sale. We are required by the US FDA to track lot numbers for all our ingredients and for each batch of milk that we transform into cheese. We have never been subject to a product recall but feel well-prepared with all our information in DEAR.

Arnon Levy,
Fashion Marketing Ltd

Dear inventory management

We moved to Dear Inventory as it was a well priced, cloud based, pay monthly (SAAS) system that integrated with Xero. Other systems we compared over the years that integrated with Xero were either too expensive, had huge setup fees or didn’t meet our other main requirement. Aside from Xero integration, our other requirement was the ability to create multiple variations within one SKU, what Dear call Product Families. I would recommend it to any company with similar requirements to our own.

Scott Campbell,

Dear inventory management

Overall we’re very pleased with how simple and streamlined DEAR is. Takes a little bit (about a week or so) to work through the setup process and get familiar with the system but the support is amazing and help whenever you have a question. DEAR is robust enough to handle our product that has 6 sub assemblies and over 35 parts involved with 8 different manufactures. It replicates real world operations 1:1.

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