Our online shop is open and our stores have now reopened. Learn more  

 Our online shop is open and our stores have now reopened. Learn more  

Apple Certified Mail-In Repairs
iPhone, Mac and iPad mail-in repairs. You send it to us, then we fix it and send it back.
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Our stores have re-opened. Due to current demand, Our service technicians are working on an appointment only basis.  

We are releasing new appointments daily if none are available please check back later.

Current Estimated Turnaround Times

iPhone & iPad 

5 – 10 Working Days

Mac Repairs

5 – 10 Working Days

*These times are estimated and may vary depending on volume of repairs.

What Do I Need To Do?

Fill out the form below. You will receive an email back with how to send your device to us.

Step 2

Read the email carefully and arrange for a courier to collect your device & send it to our repair team

Step 3

Wait for our repair team to contact you. It can take a few days. They will tell you what needs to be repaired at the cost if any.

1 Contact Details
2 Repair Details
3 Backup and Data Security
Select iStore Location
Select your iStore
Contact Details
Repair Details

Warning – We cannot service this device

Unfortunately due to the age of the device we are unable to service it as we cannot obtain parts from Apple. Learn more about Vintage and Obsolete products: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201624.

Type of DeviceSelect
Find My iPhone Service

Warning – Find My iPhone Service

Please note, we CANNOT complete a repair on a device with Find My iPhone/iPad enabled. If you cannot remove the service from the device itself or you don’t have the login details to remove by logging into iCloud.com you will need to contact AppleCare directly to confirm you are the legal owner of the device and then remove the service, once this is complete we are then in a position to work out the correct repair strategy

Warning – SIM Card
If you are being in an iPhone for service, please make sure your SIM card is removed from the device.

Device Details
Backup and Data Security

Your device may need to be wiped as part of the diagnostic process or if your device is replaced as part of the repair strategy. Thus its important you have a known good current backup. To see how to back your own device, click here.



In order to provide effective troubleshooting we need access to the device. If you have an iOS device and don’t wish to provide the us the passcode, please make sure you have a valid backup and then erase the device or change the passcode to a passcode you can provide us. 


If you wish us to troubleshoot software user related issues, please change the current user account password to a temporary password and then change the password back once you have received the Mac back after the repair. If your issue is not software/user related, please create a temporary admin account and provide the temporary password. Do not use a password you have used before

Please DO NOT provide us your Apple ID or Password

Personalised devices

Personalised devices will take longer to complete the repair (2 to 4 weeks on average) due to the fact that these devices need to be customised with the message you provided. Please me careful with the spelling, once the repair is submitted to Apple with the wording provided it can’t be changed. If don’t wish to have a personalised replacement device this you can requested by speaking to a member of staff, but if you choose this option you can’t at a later date change your mind and get another personalised device.

The device I want to repair is a…

Your Faulty Device

  1. Please only give us with the actual faulty device.
  2. All peripherals, charges, keyboard/mice are not required unless related to the issue. 
  3. Please remove all cases. 
  4. Please remove the SIM card if it has one. (iPhone, Cellular iPad etc)
  5. Please remove any screen protectors. 
Third-Party Modifications

If your device contains 3rd party non-authorised Apple parts, this may your invalidate your Warranty. If your device does have 3rd party parts, these are normally of sub standard quality and maybe damaged in the repair process, if this does happen we will inform you and provide the cost of the Apple equivalent repair.


Due to high demand for our Mail-In repair service we have temporarily paused this option.

We will be reopening mail in repairs soon.

Got Questions?

Below are the most common ones.

Do you collect my repair?

No. At Present you will have to send the product to us. We recommend using an insured tracked courier

Can I drop off to you?

For the saftey of our repair team & you our repair center is not open to the public. you can only mail in your repair.

How much is it to get my device back

For us to return your device it will cost £15. This includes devices that have declined service

What if i do not want to proceed with my out of warranty repair

There is a £15 fee to send your device back .

If you have a Mac there is an aditional £40 Diagnostic & inspection fee

Due to current demand, Our service technicians are working on an appointment only basis.  

We are releasing new appointments daily if none are available please check back later.