Access your school home folder on the iPad

Foldr allows you to seamlessly access your document folders by using existing Active Directory shares utilising the storage your school already has.

You can access all your files using the iOS app on iPad, iPhone or iPod. Save files locally to your device for offline use.

If you’re thinking of using iPad in Education, you need to look at Foldr.

Foldr is a great easy solution for all school users. Access all your files via the Foldr iOS app or from any Web browser. Save files locally to your device for offline use or save them back to your network.

Foldr is Great for Students, Teachers and IT Managers alike.

Students and Teachers can easily access their Home folder and documents. Edit, Share and save back to their Home folder, wherever they are. Homework can be quickly and securely shared to the class with Flinks.

Streaming Media

Every user can now stream media to their iPad, with no extra work.

Your files in the Cloud, without you lifting a finger

IT Mangers will love the additional functionality that Foldr provides in addition to its ease of use. Foldr is Plug & Play, so you don’t have to make any changes to your existing infrastructure. All access is over SSL.

Active Directory

Foldr uses existing Active Directory ACLs shares and respects those permissions. As a result Foldr can be provisioned to thousands of users in just minutes.


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