The Albion Three Counties Primary & Secondary Computing Conference

The Albion Three Counties Primary & Secondary Computing Conference

In partnership with the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE).

Join us for a special event.

At the conference you’ll join other local educators to learn from experienced trainers and hear the latest updates from industry leaders.

Throughout the day we’ll demonstrate through interactive workshops new ideas, tips and workflows for iPad and the wider curriculum that you can takeaway and use in your own schools. Additionally you’ll hear how Albion and NCCE can we can support your school now and in the future.

This event is suitable for teachers and SLT of primary and secondary key stages.


09:30 – Arrival & Refreshments

10:00 – Introduction & Welcome

10:15 – Keynote Speaker: David Maguire

11:00 –  Break

11:30 – 1st Workshop

12:30 – Lunch

13:00 – Working with Albion & NCCE

13:45 – Break

14:00 – 2nd Workshop

15:00 – Close with Q&A

Date & Time

15th March 2024 | 10:00-15:00


Hilton Puckrup Hall, Tewkesbury, GL20 6EL

Date & Time

11th Dec 2023 


The future of AI in education

AI is currently the biggest talking point in education at the moment. While some sources say it will change the face of education forever others say that it comes with great risk. In this presentation, we will explore the ‘big picture’ of AI in education including several key principles: 

– What is AI and how does it work 
–  AI ethics 
–  The role of the teacher with AI 
–  AI as a learning tool for students 
– The future of AI


David Maguire

Primary Workshops

Explore physical computing using the micro: bit device; finding out how it can be used to develop understanding of programming through creative digital projects.

The micro:bit provides an engaging way to develop subject knowledge, through cross-curricular projects that provide instant feedback to develop understanding of programming in Key Stage 2.

Speaker: Paul Gerrie

In this creative workshop we will look at a number of tools to support creative wiring, including work with images, green screen and stop frame animation.

Speaker: Claire Weyman

Secondary Workshops

AI is developing very quickly, and becoming an interesting tool in the classroom. This session will explore some of the tools available and how we can use these to develop resources to work in our iPad workflows and exciting classroom ideas to engage children and deepen their learning.

Speaker: David Maguire

Cultivating a Cyber-Resilient Mindset with the Incident Response Card Game – An Unplugged Activity for GCSE and A-Level Computer Science.

Discover an engaging way to teach cybersecurity with our unplugged Incident response management game. The game challenges common stereotypes around cybersecurity by showcasing the importance of technical and non-technical roles, while revisiting core network hardware and cyber threats. You’ll take away everything you need to run the activity back in your classroom.

Speaker: Sophie Fenn

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