Albion FC1

Fever Detection Camera
Helping you get back to work safely.

As restrictions on work and social movement are eased, businesses everywhere are planning how to safely welcome their customers and workforce back.

At Albion we have the technology to support this safe and secure transition.

What is FC1

The Albion FC1 Fever Detection Camera enables accurate and fast fever screening of multiple individuals at once, at a safe distance.

The system was designed by thermal imaging professionals in Europe to be used as a first level mass screening test for identifying individuals that have an above normal body temperature and may be suffering from Coronavirus, Ebola, Common Influenza, SARS and other flu variants.

The device can be mounted on screens, tripods and stands to capture facial images and detect the body temperature of up to 5 people at the same time, from a range of up to 2 metres. The Albion FC1 is available in various configuration options with pre downloaded software, portable tablet screens and pc applications.

The FC1 Fever Detection Camera enables fast and accurate fever screening of passengers at national borders and is suitable as a secure fever screening solution for shops, offices and exhibitions.

Key Features

Fever Detection

High degree of accuracy

Fast real-time detection in under 2 seconds

Integrates with a number of security systems

2 metre detection range

Detects up to 5 people simultaneously

Most fever detection devices require a short distance of less than 1.5 meters between two people. As such both people are at higher risk in terms of virus transmission.

The FC1’s automatic fever camera does not require an operator doing the measurement and it can measure up to 5 people at the same time within a range of 2 meters or more.

Simple Deployment

Fever screening stations are self-contained and portable, so they can be set-up in temporary locations very quickly.

Single units can operate as primary mass screening stations as well as secondary screening stations.

With multiple stations deployed, for high volume traffic, a single unit is normally designated as the secondary screening station.

Note: This system will only detect above normal body temperature that are typically associated with fevers, it will not detect early stages of infection.

Flexible setup options

For maximum flexiblilty in setting up the Fever Detection Camera we supply a wide range of installation options.

Product Specification

Sensors: Thermal, RGB & 3D

Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C

Measuring speed: 0.7 – 2s

Distance: 0.5 – 2 m

Weight: 130g 

Dimensions: 120 mm x 37 mm x 23 mm

Detection dynamics: Ability to detect fever symptoms in individuals wearing masks

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