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Ready for 9.3?

Ready for iOS 9.3?


With iOS 9.3, it’s easier than ever to put devices in the hands of your students. Apple School Manager, Managed Apple IDs, Shared iPad, and the new Classroom app work together to deliver the best experience for every class.

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Apple School Manager

Apple School Manager is the single destination for schools to coordinate everything they need to deploy.

The web based portal from Apple enables your school to enrol devices in your MDM solution, create Managed Apple IDs, buy content, and set up iTunes U courses. Apple School Manager provides a single place to manage people, devices, and content.

With Apple School Manager, it’s simple for your institution to create Managed Apple IDs for students, teachers, and staff, while maintaining privacy and security.

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Shared iPad

Shared iPad offers an elegant solution for sharing devices when a 1:1 student-to-iPad ratio isn’t possible.

Shared iPad is a new way to use iPad in shared learning environments. It enables multiple students to use the same device and provides a personalised experience for each student.

To use the iPad, a student signs in with their Managed Apple ID and they can access their personal content. When the student is done working and signs out, the iPad is ready for the next student.

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Classroom app

Classroom is a powerful new app that helps teachers guide learning, share work, and manage student devices.

The app enables educators to take full advantage of iPad in the classroom and teach without having to manage devices. Teachers can guide and conduct how students use their iPad – including activities like sharing a web page, opening an app, or viewing screens remotely to check on progress.

Classroom is available for free on the App Store and can be deployed directly to devices via MDM.

Getting Started with iOS 9.3


The first step in any deployment is to consider your existing environment. This includes your wireless infrastructure and basic systems. Are you ready?


Apple School Manager simplifies deployment and unifies the admin experience by providing one place to manage people, devices and content. Learn more >


Here you’ll deploy apps, books and device settings with MDM, and distribute devices to students and classrooms. Are you ready?


The Classroom app plays an essential role in helping teachers manage their classroom workflows. And admins can deploy additional apps, content and device settings to students and classes throughout the school year.

Are you ready?

Considerations and FAQs

Apple School Manager

For new accounts, make sure you’re using a supported browser, have the necessary information ready for setting up your account, and check whether your device purchases are eligible for device enrolment.

For existing Volume Purchase Program or Device Enrolment Program accounts, you will soon be invited to migrate your account to Apple School Manager.

With Apple School Manager, it’s simple to create Managed Apple IDs. The IDs are used to sign in to devices and access Apple services including iCloud and iTunes U. With ASM you can manage passwords, limitations on purchasing and communications, and role-based administration. A managed Apple ID is required for Shared iPad devices.

Mobile Device Management

MDM is now an even more essential component of any deployment, so you’ll want to adopt a solution that fits your school’s needs.

When selecting an MDM make sure it supports Apple School Manager and the new education features of iOS 9.3 in order to enrol devices, distribute apps and books and use the new features such as Shared iPad.

Once you’ve assigned your devices in ASM, you can use MDM to configure enrollment settings. Deploying devices in supervised mode is still the recommended option for both one-to-one and shared device deployments and is required for both Shared iPad and Apple Classroom.

Is your network ready?

Planning for a successful deployment begins with preparing the right network and systems.

It’s important to ensure the Wi-Fi coverage reaches all areas where it will be used, and has the capacity to support a sufficient density of devices. You will have many devices connecting to the network, so consider how many access points will be needed to support simultaneous users.

Caching Server for iOS and OS X users is now critical to support the usability of Shared iPad. The Shared iPad feature uses aggressive caching to achieve a great user experience. Caching server can massively accelerate the download of apps, books, iTunes U content and data stored in iCloud.

Device requirements

Shared iPad:
– iPad Pro
– iPad Air 2 or later, with at least 32GB memory
– iPad mini 4 or later, with at least 32GB memory

Classroom App – Teacher:
– iPad 3rd generation or later
– iPad mini or later

Classroom App – Student:
– Shared iPad: As above
– One-to-one: iPad 3rd generation or later; iPad mini or later

Upgrading from older devices?

Request a call from our Education team to find out how you can trade in older devices such as iPad 2 for credit towards new ones.


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